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Consulting services in Czech Republic.

Offers intermediary services in the Czech Republic on the following issues:

-          business registration, buying and selling of business, obtaining the necessary certificates and permits, opening Bank accounts, business crediting, selection and training of personnel, management of business;

-          purchase, sell, rent of residential and commercial properties, management of real estate; legal support of transactions and lawsuits by developers for compensation;

-          possibility of registration of a mortgage

-          education in Universities and schools;

-          and others

All companies and specialists work in leading companies in the territory of the above-stated countries

The Czech Republic — is the industrial country with very rich culture and history.  It is interesting not only for tourists but also for investors.

 The basic branches — fuel and energy, metallurgy, machinery, chemical, light and food.

Among all post-Communist States, the Czech Republic has one of the most stable and successful economic system.  Its basis in the industry (mechanical, electrical and electronics, chemicals, food industry, ferrous metallurgy) and sphere of services.  The share of agriculture and forestry, and mining industry is insignificant and continues to decrease.

Monetary unit of the Czech Republic is the krone (1 krone = 100 geller) which is completely convertible  since 1995.

The state higher educational institutions are financed from the budget and offer free training in Czech language.  Reception of applications on the main specialties, except creative, takes place since October of previous year to receipt until the end of February or March.  Entrance examinations take place in May-June.  Acceptance of applications to universities for creative specialties takes place in the fall and exams take place on the beginning  of the year (January-February).  Exams on creative specialties include the mandatory creative examination.  For incoming students from other countries, except Slovakia, the required nostrification of the document on the last level of education. This requirement concerns as going to state universities, as  to commercial.

There are 28  universities and institutes In the Czech Republic with state funding. More famous are:

Charles University in Prague

Masaryk University

Czech Technical University in Brno

University of Economics in Prague

Czech Technical University in Prague

The Academy of musical arts in Prague