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Consulting services in UAE.

Offers intermediary services in the UAE on the following issues:

-          business registration, buying and selling of business, registration in free zones or offshore companies, providing services to local “sponsors”, obtaining the necessary certificates and permits, design of various types of visas, opening Bank accounts, business crediting, selection and training of personnel, management of business;

-          in the UAE an exit to the local market of your products on very advantageous conditions;

-          purchase, sell, rent of residential and commercial properties, management of real estate; legal support of transactions and lawsuits by developers for compensation;

-          possibility of registration of a mortgage

-          education in Universities and schools;

-          employment in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, support (preparation of documents, employment contract etc.)

-          provision of services of local lawyers in courts on any questions, conducting criminal procedures in the UAE

-          and others

All companies and specialists work in leading companies in the territory of the above-stated countries

United Arab Emirates is a fascinating country which has absorbed all the good from the present, but at the same time preserve its identity and culture. You will not confuse that country with any other country not that in the world, but even in the region.  There is no bad weather and low season  in the UAE —  here that in November that in July luxury hotels for high-quality rest and excellent shopping at the attractive prices.

Perhaps, shortly approach to tourism in the UAE can be expressed so: "Let's surprise with everything that in the country is and what isn't present — we will construct and we will surprise even more".

Naughty ladies accustomed to the white sand and clear blue waters, come delighted with  the local beaches, fans  of extreme sports are exploring underwater and sandy spaces  of UAE, dreamy nature  going along  and across traditional markets (on which the United Arab Emirates outdo all Arab East), and gourmets and the other hedonistic contingent enjoy the most tasty dishes of the ethnic cuisine and aristocratically precautionary service.  Credo of the UAE — "all for the guest!".  In the Emirates all is combined with everything: the sea breeze plays very expensive curtains in windows of "seven-stars" hotel, from the parking of nomads in dunes is visible the shining needle of Burj Khalifa.

UAE are in the middle of production economic routes of the Far East and Europe, which contributes to turning the country into an international economic center. The country has a well developed transit infrastructure, in particular, there are six international airports: in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Alaina and continue construction of the largest airport Al-Maktoum.  The greatest of them, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, missed through themselves more than 50 million passengers in 2010 and also grow the volumes of freight.

In addition to the airports and seaports in the UAE there are developed telecommunications.

The basis of the economy of the UAE — re-export, trade, production and export of crude oil and gas. The most part is made in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The commercial centre of Dubai and its adjacent free zone Jebel Ali attracted extensive  foreign investment. Port Rashid and Jebel Ali port in Dubai and Fujairah are among the best  40 container ports in the world;  these ports pass more than three million container units per year.

In recent years, the share of the income from the extraction and processing of oil in total GDP decreases that is connected with measures of the government for diversification of economy. At the same time increasing the value of other sectors in the structure of GDP, including construction, trade, tourism and agriculture. Despite the largely barren and arid nature of the area, investments in agriculture helped to build a plant for the desalination of water, making this sector of the economy more and more independent and profitable. Some agricultural crops, e.g. strawberry, are even exported to Europe

Business transactions in the UAE are influenced by climate and religion; they reflect a long story of merchants. Centuries of trade, exchange and sale of money create today the strong base for the international business which is done by descendants of ancient merchant families.

Generally business is done in the honest way, fraud effectively suppressed, and the unscrupulous behavior is condemned by business community.

So the United Arab Emirates is a "must-visit" destination for all concerned in the Arab exotic and at the same time who  appreciate comfort above all.  As for the value of rest, the UAE is a country for tourists with income above average and high. However, it is quite possible to find almost budget placement in not the most popular emirates.

Our partners can help you with it.