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Consulting services in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australiya.

Offers intermediary services in the Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia on the following issues:

- business registration, buying and selling of business,

- registration in free zones or offshore companies, providing services to local “sponsors”,

- obtaining the necessary certificates and permits, design of various types of visas,

- opening Bank accounts, business crediting, selection and training of personnel, management of business;

- purchase, sell, rent of residential and commercial properties, management of real estate; legal support of transactions and lawsuits by developers for compensation;

- education in Universities and schools;

- and others

All companies and specialists work in leading companies in the territory of the above-stated countries.

MALAYSIA – picturesque, very green country which can be safely called Asian Switzerland, is famous for the snow-white sandy beaches, two hundred coastal islands and has well developed tourist infrastructure.

Malaysia — the state in Southeast Asia, consisted of two-parts, divided by the South China Sea:

The western Malaysia (the traditional name — Malaya) borders on Thailand in the north, has also sea borders with Singapore and Indonesia.

East Malaysia (the traditional name — Sabah and Saravak) borders on Brunei in the North and on Indonesia in the south, has also sea border with Philippines.

Malaysia — the multinational and multilingual country.  The initial culture of these lands comes from culture of the indigenous people living here even before arrival of Malayans, and from the Malays, who came later.  With the development of trade in the East an important contribution to the culture of Malaysia introduced the Chinese and Indians.  Also Persian,  Arab and British influences are quite strong.

Malaysia — a real storehouse for lovers of shopping.  The low prices of electronics, clothes, footwear, hours, skin involve tourists during a shopping whirlpool. Popular Souvenirs — products of silver, copper, tin, wood, batik and embroidery, precious stones, ceramics, Chris — curves Malay knives.

Religion in Malaysia Islam therefore girls muffle up from head to toe. But in the Malayan benches, besides  hijab, it is possible to buy very beautiful clothes which Malayans wear at home for their husband.

Try not to miss chance to rent a car and explore on an  excellent  Malaysian roads,  which can perfectly compete with roads of such countries as Monaco and Switzerland.

 To ignorance not to hurt the feelings of local residents, it is recommended to take off footwear before visit  houses and temples.  When visiting religious temples you must wear modest clothing that covers arms and legs;  to pass food only with the right hand.

Traffic in Malaysia is left-handed.  Fast tracks are  paid.

AUSTRALIA is one of the few capitalist countries, most fully embodied the principle of laissez-faire in managing of the economy, according to the index of economic freedom of the world.  The gross domestic product of Australia per capita is slightly higher than in the UK, Germany and France in purchasing power parity.  The country has been recognized as the second of 170 (2009) on the  index of human development and life, the sixth on quality, by a technique of the “Economist” magazine (2005).  In  2011 record number of the Australian cities have entered ten (en:World'sMostLivableCities) the most comfortable cities of the world of the same magazine for accommodation,  where Melbourne has occupied the first, Sydney — the sixth, Perth — the eighth, Adelaide — the ninth place respectively.